One Shoe, Endless Possibilities

Playground to Party

A first-time mom came up with the idea for Baubles + Soles after she became frustrated by the need to buy multiple pairs of shoes for her daughter even though her daughter would outgrow them more quickly than she could wear them. The lightbulb moment came when she thought: "What if I could invent one shoe that could be worn from playground to party and styled with every single outfit in the wardrobe?"

Children’s feet grow so quickly that they often outgrow their shoes before they can wear them. The problem is further exacerbated when you have to buy multiple shoes to go with different outfits and occasions. When we had our first daughter, we became so frustrated by the problem that we had to find a solution. Together as a family, we spent nearly 2 years designing, engineering and testing a push-and-twist lock mechanism to enable us to do this. What’s more, the same lock is affixed to all of our shoes which means every bauble can be reused with successive shoe sizes and styles. Modern parenting is also made easier with quality handcrafted shoes that are made in America, machine washable, slip-resistant and fully recyclable.

Baring Our Sole

We designed the shoes with our daughter in mind - so we knew we had to create the best possible pair. The unique bio-based material is 45% soy by weight and 100% vegan.

Baubles + Soles Features
Made in USA Employees

Made in USA

According to the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America, 99.9% of children’s shoes sold in the US are imported. Our shoes travel 93% less than the average imported shoes. Baubles + Soles is proud to be a part of the 0.01%



Designed for the growing feet, our slip-resistant shoes provide much-needed support to the early walker. Our soles are lightweight, flexible and extremely comfortable. The one-piece construction also means no toxic glue, no buttons, no Velcro and no buckles to fall apart and trip our little ones.

Machine Washable

Machine Washable

We recognize that parents have busy lives, juggling life, work and kids. Our goal is to make the lives of modern parents as easy as possible. Each of our shoes are made with a strong, unique bio-based plastic compound that is machine washable and dishwasher safe.