Baubles and Soles Shark Tank

Since the day of our "light bulb" moment, we have dreamed of appearing on Shark Tank. When we had the idea for an interchangeable shoe company for kids back in 2016, we went where all entrepreneurs went for inspiration - Shark Tank. Often described as the "Superbowl for startups", Shark Tank was a dream and an inspiration for this children's shoe company from Day 1. Our shoes are made in America, machine washable, interchangeable using our patent-pending push-and-twist-lock mechanism and it was an ideal product for Shark Tank.

Juvenile product companies like ezpz and Doddle & Co. have all appeared on Shark Tank and have become household names after their TV debut. Our Baubles and Soles Shark Tank dream was kept alive season after season as we watched and dissected these entrepreneurs, their pitch and their presentation. 

Shark Tank is more than a TV show. It is now iconic.