Why We Make Eco-Friendly Shoes

Recycled Plastic Pellets for Shoes

Countless families around the world are making it a priority to live greener lives. They do this in a variety of ways:

  • Contribute to Earth Day cleanup 
  • Composting at home to reduce food waste
  • Regularly recycle water bottles 
  • Using reusable products and natural materials to cut down on plastic use
  • Purchasing products only created by a sustainable source
  • Cleaning-up the beach, removing ocean plastics 

However, if you want to prioritize an eco-friendly lifestyle, you don’t necessarily need to make any major changes—in fact, the key to a greener, healthier planet may be closer than you think: it could be right in your closet. Allowing you to have an environmental impact with zero hassle.

Baubles + Soles has made it our mission to create eco-friendly shoes for kids and parents, prioritizing sustainable materials to make each pair of shoes we deliver to our happy customers.

So why was making high quality, earth friendly shoes such a priority for us? 

Because protecting the planet for our amazing kids—and generations to come—and fun fashion shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive.

How did Baubles + Soles come to be?

Baubles + Soles Mommy and Me Red Hearts, EcoFriendly Shoes

Baubles + Soles shoes are the brainchild of Lisa Nguyen, a former lawyer and parent who wanted to create eco-friendly shoes that both parents and children would love the same.

Having realized just how quickly her daughter, Kaia, was outgrowing her shoes (everything from sandals to high tops), Nguyen decided to create affordable footwear that allowed kids (and their parents) to customize their look and give them creative independence. 

Instead of having to stop wearing a certain style of shoes because a little one has outgrown them, Baubles + Soles buyers can take their favorite baubles, put them on a pair of flats in a bigger size, and voila! The aesthetic you or your little one loved in the past can be quickly and easily recreated.

It wasn’t just Nguyen who believed in her vision for customizable, earth friendly shoes.

After selling $150,000 worth of eco-friendly shoes on the Baubles + Soles website, Lisa and her husband, Duc, went on the popular TV show Shark Tank, where they earned an impressive  $100,000 investment in exchange for 25 percent equity in the business. In fact, investor Daymond John was so impressed by the family’s vision that he announced his belief that there was practically no way the business could fail. “I’ve got to be in business with you,” he told the couple.

What makes Baubles + Soles shoes eco friendly?

When you’re looking for a pair of shoes that your kids will love and you can feel good about, look no further than Baubles + Soles.

The brand’s adorable shoes are the eco-friendly footwear option you didn’t know you needed.

So, what in particular makes Baubles + Soles’ shoes an environmentally friendly choice?

Each pair of Baubles + Soles shoes is made with eco-friendly materials! Baubles + Soles shoes are made using Microplast, a patented blend of recyclable plastics that’s not only eco-friendly, but flexible, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable to wear, too.

The adorable, high-quality baubles that attach to each pair of Kaia or Lisa shoes are yet another key ingredient in our eco-friendly formula.

Instead of having to purchase multiple pairs of shoes for different occasions, a single pair of Baubles + Soles shoes can take your kiddo straight from the playground to a birthday party without missing a beat—all you have to do is swap out the baubles and you’re good to go!

Better yet, when your little one goes up a size, you don’t need to purchase a new set of baubles. You can simply use the collection of baubles you’ve already amassed on a pair of shoes in the next size up. 

Each pair of Baubles + Soles shoes uses the same twist-and-lock technology to attach baubles, so you don’t need to purchase an entirely new set of charms. This also means friends and family members can trade or lend baubles to one another to try on before buying a new set of their own.

What happens to my old Baubles + Soles shoes when I’m done with them?

It’s not just the materials that go into Baubles + Soles shoes that makes them such a standout among shoe brands—what happens after you’re done with your shoes is pretty amazing, too.

If you or your little ones have worn out your pair of Baubles + Soles shoes or have outgrown them, you can send them back to the Baubles + Soles factory, where the company will recycle material they’re made of. 

Shoes that have avoided contaminants will be turned into new Baubles + Soles products, allowing a brand-new owner to discover these fun, fashionable and sustainable shoes for themselves. Luckily, even if the shoes being sent in have seen better days, they can still be repurposed in non-apparel merchandise.

It’s not just the earth that will thank you for keeping your old shoes out of a landfill, however. If you send in a pair of your old Baubles + Soles shoes for recycling, you’ll get a 15% off promo code that you can use on a brand-new pair of kicks.

How can parents and kids care for their Baubles + Soles shoes?

Keeping your Baubles + Soles shoes clean and looking like new is even easier than you might expect.

 If you want to give your set of baubles a touch up to get them gleaming once again, all you have to do is wet a washcloth with warm water and gently wipe away any debris or dirt. 

If you’re away from home and discover that your baubles—or those on your kiddos’ shoes—have gotten dirty, that’s not a problem, either! A standard wet wipe can get that grime right off in an instant—something that’s not true of most leather shoes or even ones made of eco-friendly materials like vegan leather or organic cotton.

If you’re looking to clean the shoes themselves, there are multiple easy ways to do so. 

First, you can always spot clean dirt and other debris off of your shoes using either a washcloth and warm water or wet wipe. However, there will inevitably be situations in which you need a deeper clean for your shoes—and fortunately, getting a more intense clean is a simple process, too.

When you really need to get your favorite pair of shoes fresh-out-of-the-box sparkling once again, all you have to do is toss them in the washing machine! 

Yes, you read that right: every pair of Baubles + Soles shoes is machine washable, making it easy to wear the same pair year after year before they start showing their age—if that happens at all! 

However, that’s far from the only way you can get your pair of Kaia or Lisa shoes looking like you just bought them. If you don’t have a washing machine at home (or just don’t feel like using it), you can also toss your Baubles + Soles shoes directly in the dishwasher to get them so clean you could eat off of them (although we probably wouldn’t recommend it—they are shoes, after all).

You don’t need to choose between your love of beautiful footwear and your desire to protect the planet.

Not only are Baubles + Soles shoes made from eco-friendly material, but you can also return them to the company for recycling, ensuring that no materials go to waste. 

Every time you purchase a pair of Baubles & Soles shoes, you’re doing more than giving your wardrobe an upgrade: you’re actively making a commitment to creating a healthier planet for generations to come. 

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