Toddler Shoe Size Guide - By Age and Foot Length

Toddlers wearing Baubles and Soles for Shoe Size Guide

Getting the proper fit of shoe is important for everyday comfort and overall foot health. It is especially essential for kids still learning to walk, run, and climb. Incorrectly sized shoes can be an obstacle to their motor skill development and practice. 

We’ve compiled the following resources below to help parents navigate infant and toddler shoe sizes so they can ensure the perfect fit for their little one’s little feet.

How do toddler shoe sizes work? 

Unlike adult shoe sizes, infant and toddler shoe sizes are the same for both girls and boys.

Toddler shoe sizes go all the way up to size 13. Between the sizes of 2 and 7, you may see shoes labeled as 2T or 3T. This “T” is meant to help parents know at a glance that they are looking at toddler shoe sizes, and not adult or youth sizes.

Similarly, you may also see a K next to some sizes. Typically, Ks are placed next to shoes between size 8 and 13. This denotes that they are “kids” shoes. The K is meant to help parents quickly locate sizes on shelf or online. Other companies use a C for “child” in the same way.

Some brands may use the T, K or C labels, others do not. But the sizes will be the same.

Beyond size 13, the size chart resets to size 1, 2 and 3. It’s common to see a Y next to these sizes to indicate that they are youth shoe sizes. 

So, if you are shopping for children's shoes, you may see a company offer a 3T (average size for a 9 month old) and a 3Y (average size for a 9 year old). 

What Are Infant Shoe Sizes? 

For infants, shoe sizes can be labeled with the shoe size or by the average age of the child in months. Not all children grow at the same rate, so do not be concerned if your child wears a shoe that does not correspond with the expected size for their age. The most important thing is that you are getting the right size for their foot length. 

Infant Shoe Sizes Chart


Correlating Shoe Size

Average Foot Length

0 - 2 months


3.625 inches or

9.21 cm

1 - 3 months


3.75 inches or

9.53 cm

3 - 6 months


4 inches or

10.16 cm

6 - 9 months


4.125 inches or

10.48 cm

9 - 11 months


4.25 inches or

10.8 cm

10 - 12 months


4.5 inches or

11.43 cm

12-18 months


4.75 inches or 

12.07 cm

What Are Toddler Shoe Sizes? 

Children’s feet grow quickly when they are young. It’s important to check their footwear often to ensure their toes aren’t being pinched and they aren’t at risk of blisters from poor fit. 

While we provide an average age in our chart, the most important thing is that the shoes fit correctly for their foot length. 

Toddler Shoe Sizes Chart

Average Age


Shoe Size

Average Foot Length

Foot Length for Baubles + Soles 

18 months - 2 years


5.125 inches or

13.02 cm

12.5 cm - 13.4 cm

2 - 2.5 years


5.5 inches or 

13.97 cm

13.4 cm - 14.2 cm

2.5 - 3 years


5.75 inches or 

14.61 cm

14.2 cm - 15.0 cm

3 - 4 years


6.125 inches or 

15.56 cm

15.0 cm - 15.8 cm

4 - 4.5 years


6.5 inches or 

16.51 cm

15.8 cm - 16.7 cm

5 years


6.75 inches or

17.15 cm

16.7 cm - 17.5 cm

5 - 5.5 years


7.125 inches or 

18.1 cm

17.5 cm - 18.6 cm

5.5 - 6.5 years


7.5 inches or

19.05 cm

18.6 cm - 19.6 cm

The sizes on our chart reflect the industry averages. Prior to purchasing a new pair of shoes, we recommend reviewing the size chart published by the shoe brand you are considering. 

Find your perfect Baubles + Soles fit!

Baubles & Soles provides a comprehensive size chart and printable fit kit to ensure you get the correct size shoes when you order.

Our printable fit kit can be used to easily measure your child’s foot. Just have them step on the piece of paper to see what size shoe to order.

More about Baubles + Soles:

A first-time mom came up with the idea for Baubles + Soles after she became frustrated by the need to buy multiple pairs of shoes for her daughter even though her daughter would outgrow them more quickly than she could wear them. 

The idea for Baubles + Soles was born. One shoe with swappable ornaments, called Baubles, that could be styled for school, the playground, church, parties, and more.

Together as a family, they spent nearly 2 years designing, engineering and testing a push-and-twist lock mechanism for attaching and swapping the baubles. What’s more, the same lock is affixed to all of our shoes which means every bauble can be reused with successive shoe sizes and styles. 

All Baubles + Soles shoes are made in America, machine washable, slip-resistant and fully recyclable.

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