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Children sitting on bench wearing mix and match toddler girl shoes

We all know the deeply satisfying feeling of putting on an outfit, accessory, or pair of shoes, looking in the mirror, and feeling truly confident about the way you look. After all, personal style is so important—it lets us tell our story to the world and feel great while doing it. 

However, it’s not just grown-ups who get to enjoy that feeling of creating and embracing their individual style: with Baubles + Soles shoes, kids can confidently customize their own footwear and feel great about doing so.  

How Baubles + Soles Came to be:

Baubles + Soles was created to finally provide an answer to a question asked by countless parents and caregivers since time immemorial: “How is my kid growing out of their shoes so fast?” 

Baubles + Soles founder Lisa T.D. Nguyen, a former NGO lawyer and mom, had her eureka moment when she realized that her daughter, Kaia, didn’t need a closet full of shoes for different occasions—she simply needed one great pair of toddler girl shoes that could be customized for different occasions. And just like that, Baubles + Soles was born.

Nguyen and her husband, Duc, went about creating a line of adorable, sustainably made toddler shoes, with interchangeable baubles that simply twist on and off, letting kids go from the playground to a fancy birthday party without having to tote around a pair of extra shoes in their bag.

Since then, Baubles + Soles has earned a legion of delighted buyers—as well as the admiration of some of the biggest names in the business world. The Nguyens went on hit show Shark Tank to find investors for Baubles + Soles, eventually earning a $100,000 investment from Daymond John, CEO of FUBU, in exchange for 25 percent equity in the company. "I've got to be in business with you,” John told the Nguyens.

What makes Baubles + Soles different from other shoes:

Among the most amazing things about Baubles + Soles shoes is their versatility. While parents might have once had to purchase multiple pairs of shoes for their children if they planned to go from a play date to a special occasion that required them to dress up, Baubles + Soles shoes can be transformed in an instant, thanks to twist lock technology—designed in conjunction with Canada-based engineering firm Voth Engineering—that allows one pair of baubles to be easily removed and another to be quickly added in their place. 

And you don’t have to worry about your kiddo losing the baubles, either: the twist lock can withstand 30 pounds of force without budging, but the baubles still come off easily enough for little ones to swap them out themselves. The shoes are also slip-resistant, ensuring your kiddo are just as safe wearing them to play as they are in their favorite sneakers.

Better yet, if you don’t love your pair of Baubles + Shoes flats, you don’t have to keep them. You’ve got 30 days from your date of purchase to return your unworn shoes and their original packaging back to the company for a full refund.

What Baubles + Soles is doing to create a healthier planet:

It’s not just their design that makes Baubles + Soles shoes so unique, however. The company’s commitment to making an eco-friendly product is just as remarkable.

Baubles + Soles shoes are made in the USA using Microplast, a patented form of recyclable plastic. All Baubles + Soles shoes are completely recyclable, as well; if your shoes haven’t been exposed to contaminants, you can send them back to Baubles + Soles when your kiddo has grown out of them—or if/when you’ve worn your own pair out—and they will be recycled for use in new Baubles + Soles merchandise. 

However, even if your shoes have seen better days, that doesn’t mean they’re destined for the landfill. If you return contaminated shoes to Baubles + Soles, they’ll still get recycled—just into something other than apparel.

It’s not just the sense that you’re doing something good for the planet you’ll get when you return your used shoes, though: Baubles + Soles will also send you a 15 percent off promo code when you return your shoes for recycling.

What designs you can expect from Baubles + Soles:

Baubles + Soles shoes come in two product categories: Women’s Lisa shoes, ranging from 6 to size 11, and Kaia children’s shoes, ranging from toddler size 5 through little kid size 13. Lisa shoes are available in Ballet Slipper, a light pink hue; Sand, a tan color; Dove, a neutral eggshell shade; and Licorice, a black color.

Kaia shoes are available in Ballet Slipper; Sand; Licorice; Rose, a light pink shade; Heather, a lavender hue; Dove, a light gray; and Dusty Blue.

Baubles + Soles also currently has 21 different baubles available for use on the flats, too. The Kira the Koala bauble is an adorable gray koala who wears a pink bow with white polka dots on her head. Umi the Unicorn is a unicorn with multicolored hair, a golden horn, and stars on the side of her head. Animal lovers can also enjoy Zach the Zebra, a sweet zebra wearing a red scarf; Max the Monkey, a mischievous primate with a banana peel on his head; a Pig bauble that shows both ends of a muddy piglet; Preston the Panda, a cute bear with a blue and white polka dot bow tie; Ellie the Elephant, an aww-inducing blue and gray pachyderm; Mama and Baby Bird baubles, with a large and small blue bird on a branch and in a nest, respectively; Piper the Penguin, a cute little penguin with a red and green striped scarf and hat set; and adorable seasonal Rudolph the Reindeer baubles.

For those who want to look outside of the animal kingdom, there are the Sunny Side Up baubles, which look like fried eggs; the Cupcake baubles, which have a pink polka dot liner, pink frosting, and cherries on top; Ice Cream baubles topped with colorful sprinkles and hot fudge; Taco Tuesday baubles, Mustache baubles; the Jaelyn bow, a red bow with white polka dots; and McKenna the Mermaid, a set that comes with the head and tail of a colorful smiling mermaid in the water. You can also purchase the Glitter Peace Black Heart or Black Heart baubles, which are equal parts sophisticated and adorable. Baubles + Soles even makes fabric baubles: you can purchase pom poms for the shoes in nude, gray blue, or pink.

How Baubles + Soles shoes empower kids:

As many caregivers and parents can attest, it’s not always easy for little kids to dress themselves—and that can be frustrating! Luckily, Baubles + Soles are perfect for children from toddlerhood up—and they can easily get them on themselves.

Baubles + Soles shoes don’t have any complicated laces, buckles, or straps. Instead, the stretchy, recycled material slips easily onto your little one’s foot, making it easy for them to put on their shoes, even if they haven’t quite mastered lacing or buckling yet. And thanks to the intuitive, easy-to-use technology that keeps the baubles firmly in place, all your little one has to do is twist their baubles off and twist a new pair on when they’re feeling in the mood to switch up their style. 

This kind of autonomy is so essential for little children, too. Not only does it help build their skill set when it comes to getting dressed, it also gives them the confidence they need to know they can tackle any challenge they might face in the future—even if it’s just trying to figure out how to get their pants on without putting both feet into the same pant leg.   

Why Baubles + Soles shoes are great for the whole family:

If you’ve ever seen a pair of girls shoes so adorable you wished they made them in your size, you’re not alone. And while it may be some time before they start making those adorable Stride Rite sandals you wore as a kid in grown-up sizes or recreating sweet little baby Air Force Ones in adult sizes, Baubles + Soles shoes allow you to have the exact same adorable footwear as your little one. 

That means you can enjoy all of the mommy and me matching moments you’ve always wanted with your little one while still allowing them to express their individuality—all they have to do is swap out their baubles and then you’re not matching anymore!

Better yet, your kiddos can share sets of adorable baubles. Since the baubles fit securely on all sizes of Baubles + Soles shoes, thanks to the twist-and-lock system parents have come to love, your little ones can try on one another’s baubles to see if they like them before you order a second set.

How to clean Baubles + Soles shoes:

While they may come in all different sizes, colors, and styles, there’s one thing that’s pretty much universally true of all kids shoes: they get incredibly dirty from time to time. Most dress shoes or athletic shoe sneakers can’t exactly be scrubbed down without getting damaged in the process and using those gift cards your grandma got you at Christmas to get your shoes dry-cleaned isn’t necessarily the most appealing prospect, either. Luckily, Baubles + Soles might just be the most easily cleaned shoes available today.

Whether you have a pair of toddler girl shoes caked in mud or want to touch up your own kicks,  getting your shoes back into pristine condition is simple. Simply wet a washcloth with warm water, rub the dirt and detritus away, and your shoes will look as good as new again. For the baubles, you can use a wet wipe to get rid of any dirt or stains fast. However, there will definitely be times when your shoes require more than just a little casual grime removal—and luckily, giving your Baubles + Soles a thorough cleaning is unbelievably simple. You can just toss your Baubles + Soles shoes in either the washing machine or dishwasher (yes, seriously!) and they’ll come out looking as good as when you first took them out of the box.

Where you can order Baubles + Soles shoes:

If you’re eager to get your hands on a pair of Baubles + Soles shoes for either yourself, your children, or as a gift to friends, it’s easy to find Baubles + Soles’ amazing collection of footwear and accessories.

Baubles + Soles shoes are sold at beloved retailers including Macy’s, BuyBuyBaby, and Maisonette. However, if you want to enjoy the brand’s full collection of Kaia and Lisa shoes, as well as the full range of Baubles + Soles baubles, the Baubles + Soles website is where you’ll find the greatest product availability. 

Whether you’re looking for a matching set of Kaias and Lisas to wear for a family photoshoot or want to snag your little one a pair of cute kids’ shoes and the set of pom poms they’ve been begging for to wear to an upcoming birthday party, the Baubles + Soles website has everything you need to create the ideal look.

The right pair of shoes can be elusive, but with a pair of Baubles + Soles Kaia or Lisa flats, you can customize your look in an instant, enjoying stylish footwear without sacrificing comfort. Baubles + Soles shoes not only empower children to make their own style choices, but they also help create a healthier planet in one fell swoop. Whether you fell in love with Baubles + Soles shoes for their style, their comfort, or just love how easy it is to care for them, every pair you buy not only takes you and your family one step closer to living an eco-friendlier lifestyle, but puts us all on the path toward a better world for generations to come.

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