Cute Shoes for Toddlers That Work with Any Outfit

Cute Shoes for Toddlers That Work with Any Outfit

Does your daughter love to dress up? 

From pairing her ballet tutu with overalls to wearing her bicycle helmet to school, little fashionistas are bursting with creativity in their early years. Baubles + Soles were designed to compliment her incredible ensemble, while encouraging her desire to make choices and exercise decision making skills in choosing which baubles she wants to adorn her shoes for the day, ultimately an extension of her mood and taste. 

In many cases, cute shoes for girl toddlers are more about aesthetics than comfort. Luckily, there’s a great solution to keeping your child comfortable and fashionable all day: 

Bauble + Soles

Child wearing Baubles + Soles sitting with a selection of Baubles

These shoes for toddlers were created by Lisa T.D. Nguyen, a mom who found herself frustrated with how many pairs of girl shoes she found herself buying her daughter, Kaia, only to discover that she’d outgrown them.

Nguyen found the ideal solution with Baubles + Soles. 

Not only do these shoes offer comfort, but have styles including a wide selection of colors and baubles to choose from.  Allowing your kid to customize their shoes to their specific taste.

Testing from Canadian engineering firm Toth Engineering has determined that the baubles can withstand up to 30 pounds of pressure, meaning they won’t fly off and get lost, no matter what activity your little one is participating in. 

The baubles work on shoes of any size, meaning you only have to purchase new shoes as your kids’ feet grow. 

This also means if you have more than one child, they can share a single collection of Baubles and Soles baubles instead of you having to buy multiples of each style.

Here are our top picks for every outing and special occasion

Best for School

Kaia in Licorice + Preston the Panda Baubles

If you’re eager to invest in a pair of toddler shoes that they’ll love wearing to school—and can get on by themselves—a pair of recyclable, vegan, soy-based black Kaia Flats in Licorice are sure to be the perfect fit. 

The shoes are easy to clean and slip-resistant, with a small opening over the toe for ventilation. They are demure enough to work with school uniforms, and are easy for your toddler as they don't have to bother with a hook and loop closure.

Fortunately, there’s a perfect bauble to go with these shoes on school days: adorable Preston the Panda with his blue-and-white polka dot bow tie screams “straight-A student.”  

Best for the Playground:

Kaia in Heather + Rainbow Baubles

If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to boring velcro strap sneakers, a pair of Kaia shoes in Heather is an ideal addition to the wardrobe. 

The stylish purple hue will stand out in a sea of kids—making your little one easy to spot—and the rainbow baubles are the perfect fit for sunny days at the park.

“Amazing shoes! My Daughter loves wearing them and she even can wear them to the park and she can put them on herself! I highly suggest these shoes and they are amazing! No more ugly tennis shoes!” says Kimberly H.

Best for Birthday Parties: 


These natural hue shoes can be the perfect toddler dress shoe. Add in a Cupcake Bauble and you get the perfect mix of form and function and fun detail that will make your child's outfit! 

Jessica M, a Mom whose child wears Baubles + Soles, says “These are such adorable shoes, very high quality & long lasting! I love all the baubles you can use on the shoes. It adds so much detail and my daughter loves to switch them out!”

Best for Special Events:

Kaia in Dusty Blue + Glitter Peace Black Heart Baubles

If you’re taking your baby girl to religious services, a family gathering, or a play, you want a pair of shoes that’s a bit conservative without sacrificing the fun style your kid loves. 

The combination of the Kaia shoes in Dusty Blue and the Glitter Peace Black Heart Baubles is sophisticated, subdued, and, of course, adorable. Better yet, their slip-on style and easy-to-twist-on baubles mean your little one can even put them on themselves, helping you save valuable time when you’re in a rush to get out the door.

Best for a Special Meal:

Kaia in Rose + Taco Tuesday Baubles

Whether you’re gathering for a family reunion, barbecue in the backyard, or going to a restaurant for a special meal, an easy-to-clean pair of shoes is essential, making it simple to wipe away dirt and spills. 

The Baubles and Soles Kaia shoes in Rose are a cheery pink that is adorably refreshing.

Top the  shoe off with a Taco Tuesday bauble, and they are sure to make a statement, no matter what’s on the menu.

Best for Beach Trips: 

Kaia in Sand + McKenna the Mermaid Baubles

One of the hardest things about being a parent in the summertime is having to constantly switch your kids’ shoes for different occasions. 

Their sandals may be good for wearing to the pool, but they’re not sturdy enough for the playground. Their sneakers may be good for climbing at the park, but they become uncomfortably hot after just a short period of time. 

An Alternative for your next beach trip: a pair of Baubles and Soles Kaias in Sand. 

With ventilation near the heel, at the toes, and a peekaboo top, they won’t make your little one’s feet too hot, no matter the temperature outside. 

Since they’re easily cleaned, the sand your kiddo picks up at the beach can be easily rinsed away, too. 

The McKenna the Mermaid Baubles also add an adorable beach-inspired touch.

Best for Holiday Photos:

Kaia in Ballet Slipper + Rudolph the Reindeer Baubles

Instead of forcing your toddler to wear shoes that cause them discomfort, for your next round of family holiday card photos, giving them a pair of Kaia shoes in Ballet Slipper provides an adorable alternative.

The shoe’s soft pink tone, paired with the whimsical holiday-themed Rudolph the Reindeer baubles, provide  the perfect complement to any special holiday outfit.

Not only will your child be happy, you will be relaxed, and your card will certainly stand out from others! 

Best for dress up:

Kaia in Licorice + Jaelyn Bow Baubles

We all know children can play make believe for hours. They love to dress up as their favorite superheroes or cute animals.  

This shoe and the Jaelyn Bow, an adorable red and white bauble, recalls the signature look of one particular beloved mouse and will complement any mouse-themed gear you buy, from ears to clothing.

This mix and match option is sure to put a smile on their face. Not to mention yours.

Make Your Own Mix and Match!

When you give your little one clothing and accessories they can customize, like Baubles +Soles’ adorable shoes and mix-and-match bauble sets, they can take charge of their own style while still looking neat and presentable for any occasion. 

With little more than a twist, they can customize their look without missing a beat. 

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